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Designed for Counselors by Counselors

Karisynthesis exists because a counselor decided to design, build, and implement a solution to his caseload management needs after searching for, and not finding an application that meets his requirements for:

Happy Counselor is a user of Karisynthesis
Keep track of client activities and scheduling
Keep track of payment history and client balances
Contact management & direct appointment reminder emails
Store client demographics and multiple diagnoses
Document scans filing & status tracking
Log all sessions & activities with pertinent data & notes. Add multiple clients as participants in a Group Session
Use calendar views for scheduling
Option for users of Mac version: integrated synchronization with iCal™ or Apple Calendar™

Karisynthesis is pre-programmed with a thrid-party plugin FM-iCal-Connector from qutic development to provide automatic synchronization between Karisynthesis events and Apple Calendar™ entries. The feature can be enabled in the Setup section and fully unlocked by purchasing a user license from qutic development directly and entering the license code and username into Karisynthesis.

File and track status of client documents as PDF files
Generate professionally formatted client statements
Print / export professionally formatted case notes
Generate session logs, activity / revenue / hours reports
Generate charts to analyze performance data & client demographics
Operate under more than one company name
Assign clients to different counselors
Customize service definitions & Offer services at up to five different fee tiers
Assign codes to events from integrated database of CPT codes
Assign diagnoses to clients from integrated database of DSM-IV codes